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Supplier: Modern Meadow


Bio-Alloy™ is a revolutionary biofabricated technology developed by Modern Meadow that combines proteins and bio-based polymers to create a lightweight and natural-looking material with superior performance.

The unique composition of Bio-Alloy™ offers unmatched durability, long-lasting color vibrancy, and abrasion resistance. Unlike other materials, the color is infused into the Bio-Alloy™ layer, resulting in enriched color expression with less dye input, and superior crocking performance.

Modern Meadow’s Bio-Tex™ material, made with Bio-Alloy™, is available for use in a wide range of applications and has been lab-tested and verified for its performance.

In addition, the sustainable, biofabricated materials produced using Bio-Alloy™ technology help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 90% compared to traditional chrome-tanned leather, making it an eco-friendly and animal-free option for conscious consumers.

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