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FibriPlast Non-Woven Felts

Supplier: EcoTechnilin


FibriPlast products are a range of nonwoven felts from EcoTechnilin.

These nonwoven felt mats are composed of reinforcement fibers (natural fiber or glass fiber) combined with various thermoplastic resins to ensure cohesion and mechanical performance in end-use parts and design materials.

FibriPlast products are designed for compression molding processes. These materials allow for lightweight performance with acoustic qualities, which adapt very well to a wide range of interior automotive applications.

Example Applications:

  • Automotive interior parts, including:
  • Parcel shelves
  • Door panels
  • Headliners
  • Trunk side trims
  • Additional compression molding applications
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Renewable Feedstock: Flax, hemp and other natural fibers

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