Santicizer® Platinum G-2000

Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 is an efficient, bio-based primary plasticizer that offers excellent heat stability, lower volatility than traditional plasticizers, and enhanced processability.

With 85% renewable carbon content, it can be easily formulated to replace common plasticizers. This non-phthalate plasticizer is highly efficient and provides additional processing heat stability.

It can be used in various polymers, including rubbers, epoxy resins, paints, and coatings.

Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 is suitable for techniques such as extrusion, calendaring, injection molding, rotational molding, and spread coating and for processing applications such as PVC calendaring/injection molding and chemically and mechanically foamed systems.

End-use applications include wall coverings, flooring, and consumer goods, including flexible toys and parts.

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Team BioSourced

Team BioSourced

Researching sustainable biomaterials to replace conventional synthetic products for industrial and manufacturing applications.

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