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SENSIL® ByNature Nylon

Supplier: NILIT


SENSIL® ByNature is a premium Nylon 6.6 made from bio-based feedstock, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

The innovative manufacturing process reduces the consumption of fossil resources and minimizes the carbon footprint while maintaining the same performance, comfort, and durability of SENSIL® premium Nylon 6.6.

SENSIL® ByNature is made from reclaimed biomass, including biogas from organic waste, as part of a certified Biomass Balance approach

SENSIL® ByNature maintains the same dyeing, knitting, mechanical, and physical properties as NILIT’s conventional SENSIL® Nylon 6.6. Additionally, by request, SENSIL® ByNature can be customized with other SENSIL® attributes such as performance, well-being, or biodegradability.

Possible applications include activewear, underwear, ready-to-wear, and other types of apparel.

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